“…A sequence of still frames that evokes feelings…”

Video Production is the second discipline that The Imagineering Suite provides. Multiple types of video projects are available, such as:

  • Video Capturing
  • Video Conceptualisation
  • Video Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Video Compiling
  • Video Authoring

All of the above mentioned services are available seperately or combined.

For questions about projects, pricing and other related matters, please refer to the contact section

Video Portfolio

Here you can find a small selection of video projects produced at studio.

TDW - Innerburn - Lyric Video Bloid - Veisalgia - Official Video IDEK. - Battered And Blue - Lyric Video
Be Prog My Friend 2018 - Official Documentary Dok12 - Promotional Video Emmaus Amersfoort - Promotional Video
Progpower Europe 2018 - Official Trailer TDW - Dirge - Official Video Dilemma - The Space Between The Waves - Lyric Video
Armed Cloud - The Crack - Lyric Video Amersfoorts Kamerkoor - Live registration Hillsphere - Our Physical Way Of Speaking - Official Video
Progpower Europe 2017 - Official Trailer Damian Wilson - Thrill Me - Lyric Video Cirrha Niva - I Guess - Lyric Video
Ingeborg Steenhorst 2015 - Fashionshow Video Sylvium - Waiting For The Noise - Album Trailer Ingeborg Steenhorst 2015 - Fashionshow Video