The Imagineering Suite is a studio split up in two units. Studio 1 which is situated in the north of Amersfoort which is focussed on design, webdesign, video editing and mastering work and Studio 2 which is more tailored towards audio recording and mixing.

Studio 1
The Imagineering Suite - Studio 1

Studio 1 is situated in a cozy living space and is suited for a max of 4 people. Production work for audio is done in Steinberg’s Cubase Pro software. Video editing and finalizing is done with Adobe Premiere Pro. Website designs are made with the Adobe suite of software for design purposes and good old code writing in Notepad++ for the back end.

This room is also used for composing music for media productions and recording voice overs for audio, video and other media related purposes.

Studio 2
The Imagineering Suite - Studio 2

Studio 2 is situated near the central trainstation of Amersfoort and is a room tailored to audio and video production. This spacious studio has a control room with a fully featured mixing desk hooked up to a Cubase Pro powered PC that can be used for audio recordings of all kind.

Next to this is an insulated recording room that can be used to record audio and video sources of multiple kinds. From vocals to guitars to keys to drums and everything in between. This studio is equipped to record and mix it.

This studio also houses multiple camera’s and related equipment that can be used for music video, documentary and other purposes.

About the owner

I am Tom de Wit, born in 1987 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and have been a creator as long as I can remember.

As a kid I was always writing, crafting, singing, and just in general making things and that urge to create and make the world around me a bit more fun and different has stayed with me ever since. I love writing music & lyrics both for myself as for others. Next to that I like cycling, crosstraining (While watching a movie/concert/documentary), good food and spending time my girlfriend, friends and family.

I am active as a musician and label owner next to my studio work. I have a musical solo project called TDW that by now (2024) consists of a 7 album discography with diverse Symphonic Progressive Metal music. Next to that I am the frontman and singer of Dreamwalkers Inc which is a progressive metal band that creates a melodic and challenging blend of progrock and metal, who released 2 albums and a live album.

Next to this I run the independent non-profit label Layered Reality Productions which is a record label focussed on promoting Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde metal that goes beyond most genre categories. The label started as my own avenue to promote my music in, but has now grown into an international collective of artists and bands that all make music that stands out in their own way.