To create a product the client wants to see or hear, by combining technology and creativity… That is the best feeling ever!

The Imagineering Suite is an independent production studio which is run by Tom de Wit. Consisting of two locations with different purposes. This studio provides a multitude of services in the audio, video, design and webdesign fields. The studio locations are both situated in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Studio 1 – Homebase

In one of the calmer neighbourhoods of Amersfoort, the first studio location resides. Placed and built inside Tom’s house, this is the main writing/production room for new projects. A cozy and comfy place that can house multiple people and has been the temporary home to many creative person over the years.

Studio 1 is mostly tailored to audio/video production and editing/mastering needs. In this room most of the creative startup work is done such as writing, conceptualizing and creating scripts/outlines. Also this room is tailored to the songwriting needs for clients. Video editing and finalizing is also done at this location. And finally, most of the webdesign and webmastering work is done here as well.

Services provided here:
– Songwriting/Composition
– Audio Recording
– Audio Mixing
– Audio Mastering
– Video Production
– Video Editing
– Video Post work
– Webdesign
– Graphic design

Studio 2 – Station square

Right across Amersfoort central station, sharing the building with SDG Hub NL, the second studio of The Imagineering Suite is situated on the 1st floor. In this spacious two room studio, audio and video work is created for multiple purposes.

Divided into a production room and a live room, the second studio is a calm, open place where musicians can record their ideas and get those mixed, mastered and brought together in the exact way these musicians want it done.

Next to working with artists and bands here, this location is also well suited for media composition and creation, providing the tools for scoring, narration and much more.

Services provided here:
– Songwriting/Composition
– Composition for film/games/media
– Voiceover recording
– Audio Recording
– Audio Mixing
– Audio Mastering

About Tom

My name is Tom de Wit and I am the owner of the Imagineering Suite.

Ever since I can remember I have been a big fan of all types of media. Ranging from music to cartoons to films to videogames and many different artforms besides that. For me all media and art can be connected in one way or the other. This is why I love working in multiple media disciplines.

Because of my expertise in audio, video, design & webdesign, I often work on a lot of different projects at the same time. This is a way to keep myself fresh and energized. It stimulates my creativity and allows me to work on projects in my own specific ways.

No matter if it is an audio, video, webdesign or design job: The clients’ wishes are always the main focus. The wishes of the client are always the main driving element in my projects. I listen to these wishes and use my creativity and technical expertise to make these work as well as they can. The combination of psychology, creativity and technology, makes it that every project is a new and exciting challenge for me!

It started with music…

My media career began when I started as a composer & musician in 2004. I wanted to make music that came from my heart and I wanted to be self-sufficient in that.

From that foundation I started building this studio. Time and effort was put into learning audio production and I released multiple albums in the progressive metal genre under the name TDW and under the name Dreamwalkers Inc as well.

As my work increased and got more known, more artists and bands approached me asking about my work. I decided to start working for these musicians as well. These experiences thought me a lot about audio production as a result and I still learn every day.

I am now able to provide services in seperate instrument recordings to complete mixing & mastering. What started as a personal dream, evolved into a skillset that I am now using on a daily basis.

The bigger picture

Next to audio, visual influences have always been a big element in my life, so Video is also a beloved subject for me.

Next to music, I was also working on video ideas ever since I was young. This ranged from filming things myself, to making animations and more. By doing those projects myself I laid a foundation that helps me to this day. Next to that, I also had my share of video education and learned how to edit and finalize video material.

Video combined with audio has always been a logical marriage for me. Which is why I often also compose music with the video productions I work on. For me the synergy between the audio and video is one of the most important aspects which I always deliver in a custom made way. I try to bring out the unique tone of the customer in both the video and the accompanying music I provide.

The online world called me

Design & webdesign are two disciplines I took up over the years as well.

I learned a lot by making the artwork for my own musical adventures in the beginning and also because I was genuinely interested in learning about this subject. I took multiple courses for these subjects and did a lot of personal studying. People took notice of these services and the demand for it increased over the years.

It did not take me long to work on website designs for bands, companies and individuals. Next to that, I got more requests to create logo’s for customers. Corporate identity design also became more requested and I started taking that up as well.

In the end, in this personality driven day and age, everything revolves around an identity. And it works best if that visual identity is a cohesive whole.