“…The page where the noize you heard came from.”

The first specialty which is provided in The Imagineering Suite lies in the field of Audio Production. A multitude of services are available in the studio for this field, such as:

– Audio Composition
– Audio Recording
– Audio Production
– Audio Mixing
– Audio Mastering

All of the above mentioned services are available seperately or combined.

For questions about projects, pricing and other related matters, please refer to the contact page

Audio Portfolio
Here you can find a selection of audio projects produced at studio.

Sincerus - ConspireInsidiae - Through The Eyes Of The BlindMytox - Coil of RemembranceNymphea Aurora - Never Comes SilenceFrysian Metal MassacreJos en de Tosti's - Koekje d'r BijMindsoul - Patterns 1.5Nyx Aether - Entering Into RebirthTinta Bossa - CaminhoJosephschool LiedMind:Soul - The Way It Should beFossil Evolution - World in MotionTDW - Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward ToMind:Soul - The Show That It Has BeenReSolve - Wayward SanctuaryAxiomata - The ChanceBossa Nova ParanoiaTDW - AphrodisiaUnforeseen Motion - Breaking the Glass ArmorStringstrang - WaaslandTDW - Antithetic AffiliationNovaria - EP 1Dreamwalkers Inc - First Re-DraftThe Dutch Duke - Can't StopUnforeseen Motion - Serendipity

Year Artist Title Genre
2019 Unforeseen Motion Serendipity Symphonic Metal
2019 The Dutch Duke Can’t Stop Heavy Metal
2019 Unforeseen Motion Serendipity Symphonic Dark Metal
2019 Dreamwalkers Inc First Re-Draft Symphonic Progressive Metal
2017 Novaria EP. 1 Progressive Post/Doom Metal
2017 TDW The Antithetic Affiliation Progressive Metal
2017 StringStrang Waasland Drone/Ambient
2017 Unforeseen Motion Breaking The Glass Armor – Revisited EP Symphonic Metal
2016 TDW Aphrodisia Progressive Metal
2016 Axiomata Bossa Nova Paranoia Bossa Nova
2016 Axiomata The Chance Hard Rock
2015 ReSolve Wayward Sanctuary Progressive Metal
2015 Mind:Soul The Show That It Has Been Progressive Metal
2015 Vrij Vreemd Seperate Songs Singer-Songwriter / Pop
2014 TDW Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To Progressive Metal
2014 Fossil Evolution World In Motion Progressive Rock
2014 Nicolette Drost Verborgen Tranen Soft-Rock
2013 Mind:Soul The Way It Should Be Progressive Metal
2013 Kinderkoor Josefschool Voel je Vrij – Schoollied Pop-Rock / Children’s music
2012 Mind:Soul Patterns 1.5 Progressive Metal
2012 Tinta Bossa Caminho do Coração Bossa Nova
2012 Nyx Aether Entering Into Rebirth Symphonic Dark Metal
2011 Insidiae Frysian Metal Massacre Progressive Metal
2011 Jos en de Tosti’s Koekje d’r Bij? Punk-Rock
2010 Nymphea Aurora Never Comes Silence – Promo 2010 Doom/Death Metal
2010 Mytox Coil of Remembrance Industrial Metal
2010 Insidiae Through The Eyes Of The Blind Progressive Metal
2009 Sincerus Conspire Progressive Death Metal