…The wonderful collision of creativity and technology starts here!

Tom de Wit - The owner of The Imagineering SuiteThe Imagineering Suite is an independent production studio situated in Amersfoort, The Netherlands which is focussed on Audio, Video and (Web)design.

My name is Tom de Wit and I am a creative engineer with a wide range of skills in multiple multimedia aspects and I have built this studio from scratch.

I am a musician, composer, writer, vlogger, visual designer and website designer who learned to record, produce and finalize projects because of my educational background and years of working experience. Creativity is the most important thing for me and the technology in the studio is there to make that a reality.

My goal is to provide a one-on-one process from your basic idea to a finalized product which fits with the idea that you have in your head. This is achieved by making your wishes the main focus of every project and using the available expertise and equipment to make said project come to life. Especially the combination of the psychological, the creative and the technical is what makes me feel the most fulfilled.

This website serves as a portfolio of the work that is done in the studio and also to provide information about the way of working and what I can offer you in your creative project(s)!

I hope you will enjoy your listening and watching experience!