Name: Tom de Wit
Birthdate: 22-07-1987
Adres Paukenpad 9, 3822DA
City: Amersfoort
Phone: (Available on demand – Please use the e-mail addresses below)

E-mail: tom (at)
tom (at)
tom (at)

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2010-2011 – HBO – Propedeuze/BA – Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) – Docent Engels (2e graad)
2004-2007 – MBO – ROC Sound & Vision, Utrecht
1999-2003 – VMBO-T – Amersfoortse Berg, Amersfoort
1991-1999 – Basisonderwijs – De Kinderhof, Amersfoort


2007 – C!to – Basisveiligheid VCA – Live AV Techniek


Dutch (Nederlands) – Written & Spoken – A Level
English – Written/Spoken – A Level
German (Deutsch) – Reading (B level) & speaking (B level)

Software Experience & Skills

  • Css3 – Stylesheet creation, editing, optimizing
  • HTML5 – Website creation, design, optimizing
  • WordPress – Theme creation, Webstores, website enhancements
  • Woocommerce – Webstore setup, editing, theme tweaking
  • Notepad++ – HTML/CSS Code building, editing, optimizing for front-end development
  • Steinberg Cubase – Audio recording, editing, mixing, production, songwriting/composition
  • Steinberg Wavelab – Audio processing, editing, mastering
  • Adobe Photoshop – Content creation, photo editing, webgraphics designing, alround design
  • Adobe Premiere – Video creation, Animation, Editing, Post-processing, Colo Grading
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – E-mail setup, importing/creation of new workflows
  • Microsoft Word – Document creation, structuring, layout creation
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – Document creation, layout creation, slide design
  • Microsoft Windows – Installation, setup, technical support, windows customization

To view the studio portfolio, please refer to the buttons at the top of the page.

Current functions

Former Functions

  • Sept 2017 – Mar 2019 – DUO Computers – Store clerk, Social Media creator, Communications, IT advice, Repairs, Webdesign (
  • 2007 – 2010 – KPN Nederland – 2e-line tech support for internet and phone (KPN, Het Net, Planet Internet)
  • 2005 – 2007 – Direct Dial Amersfoort – Callcenter agent for goodwill/charity work (KWF cancerfund, Natuurmonumenten, Unicef)

Volunteer work

  • 2017 – Current – Emmaus Amersfoort – In-store concert organiser, technical & business support, webdesign
  • 2007 – Weggeefwinkel Amersfoort – Store worker, Computer Repairman

Testimonials (Different ones available on the Dutch page)

“Tom is fast, reliable and reasonable, which is not always a standard characteristic in the music industry. We will certainly use his services again.”
Mark van den Hoven – Blackstock (Damian Wilson – Thrill Me – Music Video)

“Getting things done with my friend Tom.

I met Tom through a mutual friend in 2012. I needed someone to record and engineer a collection of songs that I had been working on for the past years and didn’t make any progress on. The genre was broadly a heavier side of AOR. Over the course of a few days, we re-recorded all guitar parts and Tom wrote some additional drums and synths. Tom also recorded the vocals of Angelique de Jager and then mixed the entire album. Without Tom, the album would probably not have been public yet and certainly not as polished as it is now.

We worked together again in 2016 when he mixed and mastered Paranoia, an album containing bossa nova covers of metal and hardrock classic. Tom once again displayed his versatility by providing a perfect mix and master for this more acoustic oriented album”
Kristof Elst (Axiomata – The Chance & Paranoia – CD Album Production)

Core Quality Quadrants

As based on Daniel Ofman’s Core Quadrant system and philosophies described in his book “Core Qualities (Engels) – A gateway to human resources”.

Personal profile (English & Dutch)

I am a creative man that uses his work- and life experiences to create an endproduct that is as complete as it possibly can be, that adheres to the standards given by the client. My work ethic is one of working hard & efficient with a willingness to think outside the proverbial box if this is required for the ending product. I am goal oriented and want to keep an overview of all the matters that make up the endproduct. Empathy & creativity combined with the aforementioned work ethic the ingredients that describe my way of working.