“…Imagery that speaks volumes…”

Graphical design is the fourth and final discipline in which I deliver projects in The Imagineering Suite. I have experience in designing logo’s and house styles for a multitude of clients in multiple facets.

This ranges from creating housestyles for websites from the ground up (including logo design.) to creating logo’s and/or other graphic applications according to the clients’ needs. I am also experienced in preparing designwork for physical printing purposes.

The following Webdesign services are available:

– Logo Design
– Coverart Design
– Publication preparation

All of the above mentioned services are available seperately or combined depending on the type of project on offer.

For questions about projects, pricing and other related matters, please refer to the contact section

Design Portfolio
Below you can find logo’s, house styles and concepts designed by The Imagineering Suite. All material is copyrighted by their respected owners.

Logo’s (re)designed for DUO Computers & DUO Automatisering.

Logo’s designed for Remco van der Pas’ Doerak Culinair.

Logo designed for Martin Catsburg & MJD Collecting.

Logo designed for photographer Emily Parry

Logo designed for Hanna van Gorcum’s Wyrd Weaving

Business card designed for Hanna van Gorcum’s Wyrd Weaving and her musical work

Logo & artwork designed for Moniek Roeloffs’ Novaria project.

Logo designed for music management partner Thulium

Logo’s designed for symphonic, progressive metal band Dreamwalkers Inc

Unforeseen Motion artwork for first EP release and logo design

Logo and Business card design for Freek van Rheede

Logo for make up artist Viola Boerman.