Tom de Wit - The Imagineering Suite

Creative coaching

My primary goal is to help you make the product you want,
enhancing your creative production process while doing so.

So I will not be giving you a standardized course in the production,
but I will dive into your product, your ideas and what you want to convey with that.
I will then guide you along a path of learning new skills and improving the existing ones.
This way I can help you improve your workflow and help you make things easier in the future!

Coaching can be provided in the following fields:
Songwriting & composition | Audio recording & production | Filming / directing | Video editing

Way of working
The way of working, frequency of sessions and prices are always discussed with the client
depending on the needs and possibilities that are available.
Every person has different needs and I want to think along with you.
These sessions will take place online (Zoom/Skype/Teams) and offline (if possible according to covid-regulations of course).


“Tom coaches me with recording, mixing and production. When I read the reviews of his album (The Days The Clocks Stopped) in iO pages magazine and heard he had a studio in Amersfoort, I asked him if he was interested in helping me grow. I got a friendly answer saying he was interested. Tom helps me at my home studio with my own setup and programs, so that I am actually making progress.Tom is a very friendly man who teaches me a lot. I am happy that he wants to teach me. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to translate this well.”

Jan van de Brug – Amateur producer, guitarist/keyboardist (Amersfoort, NL)


My workshops will mostly be focused on the audio and video disciplines
and in these I will try to work with prompts such as:

“How do I create workable demo’s in Cubase?” & “How do I make my video more interesting in Premiere?”

I like giving the audience something they can directly apply to their own process.
And in these workshops I explain the basic features of a piece of software,
how to apply such features in certain situations and how to take those ideas with you for your next projects.

Audience & way of working
I like having a good time with the audience, so next to informative I want these workshops to be a fun,
at times interactive learning experience for everyone involved. I can do this in real life with a laptop,
a speakerset and a beamer to my disposal or online through means like Zoom/Skype/Teams etc.
I like working with small hands-on groups that are eager to learn, as well as a bigger invested audience.

Prices for these workshops depend on the amount of preparation,
the question that needs to be answered, the group size and length of the day.


“In his online workshop for Muziekmeesters, Tom of The Imagineering Suite took a group of participants by the hand and guided them through Cubase. He explained how to start composing and producing with this program. For a beginner, Cubase can seem a bit daunting, but Tom knows how to explain every step very clearly. This workshop had a very accessible story that leaves a desire for more in the future!”

Yolanda Davids – Artistic / business director Muziekmeesters Westland (‘S-Gravenzande, NL)

Tom de Wit - The Imagineering Suite - Photo by Emily Parry